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Kinky trampling mistresses

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Princess Serena came home and she acted angrily. She trampled her slave painfully using her sneakers. She did not even tell him what he had done. The slave had to quickly scan what he had done wrong in the past and try to apologize for it thinking that was what had made her trample him. Some of them she had forgotten and some of the things he said she did not know whether he had done them.

Princess Serena was asked by a friend to punish a slave. She agreed and she used her sneakers to trample and torture the slave. He was in a lot of pain as she did her thing on him. She crushed his chest and his balls to make him feel a lot of pain and to make sure he never messed with her friend again. He begged for forgiveness and promised that he had learned his lesson.

Princess Serena is an unforgiving mistress. When she is mad at someone, she will make sure she gets her revenge. Today she got her revenge by using her boots to crush this loser. She crushed his fingers mercilessly and she made him cry like a baby. She also forced him to lick her shoes and ensure that they were as clean as when they were bought. But she did not give her a dime.

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